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Darkness and pain, darkness and pain darkness and pain. Somewhere in this vicious circle V managed to check skype to see that her parents were online. Talked to them and some friends from home that were out visiting them.

Joining forces with Laura and Alex and putting all our good sides together we collectively created one semi retarded person. Puke stations on standby we steered ourselves to a restaurant and took the plunge. Pleased to say that everyone survived and felt slightly better. Infact we felt so good that we thought it appropriate to go and see a dead child.

That’s right in the MAAM there are three perfectly preserved Inca people. Two children and a teenager were sacrificed on the mountain at 6,000 feet and because of the conditions up there they didn’t decompose. Only one body is shown at any one time and for today this was the youngest of the three, a 5 year old boy. Seeing him sitting knees held to his chest through the glass in his freezing container was spooky. It felt as though if you tapped the glass he might suddenly look up and stare deep into your soul, or something terrible like that, or maybe we were just dangerously hungover.

Feeling slightly disturbed we dragged ourselves home and had a nap.

Dinner time sent V&J up the road to a local restaurant where more steak was the order of the day. Almost as big as the 2 previous nights we found ourselves in trouble. J stopped when he was almost sick and V followed suit with a similar experience a few minutes later. Who would have thought swallowing chunks of cow would be so hard?

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