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Poopy Time

V plummeted last night and warned that a waterfall trip might have to be postponed whilst she intimately got to know the inside of the bathroom.

This is in fact what happened today. J swam and entertained himself while V carved out her own personal groove on the toilet seat.

Mid-afternoon V felt able enough to stomach some late lunch, so wandered to a nearby restaurant. Feeling pretty confident that V would be alright for tomorrow we picked up ingredients for lunch from the supermarket.

Evening saw the Internet work again and V&J both researched volunteering in Bolivia. We figured we can’t/shouldn’t go traveling for a year and not do some sort of good deed.

Sausages for dinner tasted like ass, and we had to put up with a semi-retarded Australian who seemed incapable of understanding simple commands and a grasp of Spanish, although he thought he could do both. Even J knew that he was a retard at Spanish that’s how retarded he was. We had already ditched this dude in a bar in Salta, now he’s asking us to go to Brazil with him tomorrow? Without being rude we gradually got more and more obvious with our ‘thanks but no thanks’ replies.

  1. Nads (Reply) on Sunday-9, 2010

    So having done some research……………..what sort of volunteer work will you two be doing?!

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-9, 2010

      We still don´t know! Hahahaha. Why you ask you got any ideas

  2. Ian (Reply) on Monday-10, 2010

    YOYOYO! Guess whos back….

    Im now back to work after a season skiing, dammit! This sucks so bad. But it does mean i can start reading this dam thing regularly and commenting everything. I know you have messed me!



    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-10, 2010

      Yay Ian! woop woop. We have missed your snow obsessed self! Love the fact that now your back at ‘work’ there is time for other shit to happen, you got your priorities straight motherfucker!

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