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V not feeling great today as up and down all night making friends with the hostel toilet. I think the bus journey has really taken it’s toll on her.

Nonetheless we booked a 4hr horse trek through the Quebrada for later in the hope that she will feel better. In the meantime some retail therapy was in order so we walked around the market and bought some presents to post home, including a crazy alpaca hair poncho (beautifully demonstrated by V&J in the photos). We bought all the stuff from one dude so he made an absolute killing from two dumb English tourists!

At lunch V managed to stomach some food in preparation for the horse riding. However, when we got there the crazy old guy running the show explained that he didn’t know where the guide was or any of the horses. Interesting. After a violent answer phone message left with ‘Horacio’ he told us to return in a few hrs. J thought this was getting a bit late as it gets freezing as soon as the sun goes behind those gigantic montanas. So rescheduled for tomorrow, which is probably for the best as V thought that being bounced around like a pea on a drum was going to be dangerous for her and her horse.

To fill the rest of the afternoon we walked to Pucara, a load of reconstructed Inca ruins. The actual ruins were a bit naff as they had been rebuilt by archeologists and a massive ugly monument had been erected in their honour. This, as J put it, resembled a WW2 war bunker but the
veiw from the top was awesome.

We returned to the hostel for dinner with the owners and a couple of other guests. We ate a kind of stew with too many lentils not enough meat, but it was filling and J had his fair share of vino (V is on a booze ban while her stomach corrects itself). We spoke Spanish all night, even with the annoying tourists, one of which knew how to say ’si’ an unnecessary number of times in reply to any question. And she had been learning Spanish in Buenos Aires for 4hrs a day, for 6weeks. This made us feel pretty confident! However there was also an English and an American who spoke relatively fluently, just to put us in our place.

J decided to leave V all on her own in her vulnerable and weak state while he went out and partied with them in a bar. Then he came back and demanded sex or he would beat her again.

Tenner if you can guess who writes these posts?!

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