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Sand Boarding
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With two new found buddies we set about our mission to go sand boarding. The owner of our hostel had made, ‘doing it by yourself’ sound really easy. It was quickly apparent this was not going to be the case. After shinnanigans in the bank, the Market and shop(s), we finally had money, lunch and some planks of wood. One was snapped in half but the crazy old Argentinian, ‘Peter’, assured us that this just made it go faster. Armed with candle wax to induce speed we headed down to the bus station and sat for an hour waiting for a hugely delayed bus. When the bus finally showed more shinnanigans started as it seemed there was some confusion over where the bus/we were going.

2.5 hours later we were kicked out of a second bus in front of a sand mountain. From here it took us 40 minutes to trek to the foot of the mountain and a further 10 mins to walk around a large lake (yes, a large lake in the desert) that no one felt inclined to warn us about.

It was now 5 o’clock and we were losing sun light but this didn’t really matter as we were only able to hike up 3 times before realizing the danger of a heart attacks, severe cramps and declaring defeat. Sand boarding was much more fun than anyone thought it was going to be (even though it was 10 mins up 30 seconds down) and the view made it amazing. Finally it was ended by the wind whipping up the sand so that we were squealing in agony and no one could see what was going on. This cause J to crash into a large rock and further damage his top quality plank of wood.

Our bad luck had officially ran out as a random car (the first one we had seen all day) gave us a lift back to the road. We stood trying to hitch our way back to Tilcara (2.5 hours away) with no success. Neal then suggested that the men hide whilst the girls hitched. The very next car pulled up with two Argentine guys ready to take us all the way back to Tilcara. Sweet ride in the back of a pick up truck watching the sun go down behind the mountains. Result.

Steak, wine and cheese topped the whole day of to make it one of the best days traveling yet!

  1. Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-2, 2010

    Its snow joke guys, i want a piste of the action!

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-5, 2010


    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-5, 2010

      ps nice video though.

  2. mikey (Reply) on Thursday-3, 2010

    ian, that joke was soooo bad, you made them stop blogging…

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-5, 2010

      We have been having too much fun and not enough time to keep this thing going, but we are hungover and back in action. Where is your project at mikey, i want to have a nosy around!

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