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Sleepy La Paz

So the one time you don’t want the bus to get in early it does, 4:30am. Not the best result in one of the most dangerous cities in SA but we managed to get taxis to our hostel without too much hassle, i.e. we weren’t robbed or raped which was nice. Slept on bean bags in the lobby until reception opened. They were full and didn’t have a room for V&J. Made a reservation for tomorrow and plodded off to find a hostal. By this I mean J walked around trying to find us a hostal whilst V slept on the beanbags. We did a lot of sleeping, as the bumpy bus journey here had deprived us of sleep. Explored the city a little and got some info on jungle trips. Our new Chinese friend (who now has horrendous diarrhea) decided it would make sense to get the masochistic 20hr bus into the jungle right away. Think we will wait a few days. And fly.

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