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V for Useless

Pukey puke puke. Could not handle movement, light, noise or breathing without painting the bathroom different shades of last nights poison. J’s efforts to rally V to catch the 23 hour bus back to Salta ended in some swearing some crying and some puking. It was apparent that we were going nowhere today. So J ran around getting the bus ticket changed for tomorrow. Not feeling that bad he Skyped STA and tried to resolve their flight home. Talked to Hannah and Nicky S before being interrupted mid conversation with some serious stomach movements. All this was too much for him, the hangover had caught up and he joined V in the dark safety of the bed.

6pm came around fast! A painful walk to a restaurant for a small amount of dinner and a walk back again was too much for V who had to talk to the toilet some more on their return. J managed to string one or two words together in an attempt to be sociable while he looked at alternative ways to get home. But to no avale. End.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-11, 2010

    how has vic any stomach left? or liver for that matter?

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