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Bad Bus
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Packed away, surfed the net, caught the bus. Job done. Well, J who hadn’t forgotten something in a while so decided it was time to donate his towel and soap to Argentina.

Spent the first couple of hours roasting hot with a distinct lack of attention. Finally our hostess got onboard and showed us some TLC. This was good because it made the coach breakingdown more bearable. “There is a problem it will be 10 mins” was the Argentinian explanation. The Brit came back with a different explanation, “Its fucked”.

1hour later our game of cards with some fellow travellers on a random rusty table at the side of the road was brought to an end by a mechanic that “put all the elastic bands back into the engine.”

Super hungry now, want some hot food. Still waiting. Still still waiting. Can you tell we’re bored on this journey? Ok still no food at 11pm V has given up and is trying to sleep through the re-run of the crap music videos and doing her best not to cry.

11:20 dinner served, 11:23 dinner finished. We are sitting infront of “Achmed the dead terrorist“. There are two of them and they insist on phlegmming at each other. huch hich hoch huch. That’s not a language it’s a weather prediction, Rain!

  1. Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-12, 2010

    ooh, it is usually the elastic bands that go in engines…

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