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The bus got in at 5am just as the sun was starting to make an impression. We shared a taxi to the square and walked off in search of our hostel. After an hour of walking up and down the same small street (that we were sure it was on), we gave up and took a hostel nearby.

V was quick to write a shirty email about not being able to find the place (we had put a deposit down and were keen to get it back) before passing out asleep for a few hours.

When we awoke the hostel had emailed back, they were new and had not yet got permission to put a sign up. They offered us a free night and explained in detail where it was. Result!

We set off exploring around Cusco had some lunch and watched the hoards of parading Peruvian school children dance around the main plaza.

In the evening J took V for a nice steak dinner at “Inka Grill”. This did not fail to disappoint. V especially liked it when she was presented with a cake and a candle backed to the restaurant singing happy birthday to her. J found this slightly tricky, they took massive pauses between each line of the song which he was not ready for and filled with the first syllable of the next line repeatedly until they joined in.

Stuffed full and happy V&J slept like the spoilt travellers they are.

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