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Booked sand boarding along with Kate, Julie, Joe, Sam (an Aussie we met in Bolivia) and Jacklyn (a Singaporean we met yesterday). We were picked up outside the hostal by a huge mean-looking sand buggy and swiftly charged off down the dusty streets and onto the sand dunes. It was at this point we realised our driver was mental.

He smashed us into the sides of dunes, rammed us up crazily steep sections only to accelerate down the other side, catching big air over every lump and bump. It was neck-jerkingly awesome, and freaking scary. Like a roller coaster ride with tons of room for human error.

The first dune was a bit of a taster, allowing us to mess about, waxing the crap out of the boards, lying down on our stomachs and zooming down. Also managed to get to grips with standing up a bit more. After we were all pro’s we maniacally smashed our way to some much bigger and steeper dunes. We were all slightly nervous now but leading the group V&J stepped up to the challenge. After a few tumbles we actually got to grips with it and even managed a few turns.

We progressed onto the last set of dunes, 3 leading off one another. The first one was particularly steep and only J was allowed to go down it standing up! The final mountain to descend was by far the biggest and steepest. J ignored the guides advice about dragging your feet in the sand as you go down and hurtled towards the valley. Everything went smoothly until he reached the bumpy sand at the bottom, slightly winded he managed to walk away. Meanwhile, V had also ignored the guide and was cart wheeling down with her board strapped to her feet. Again no injury’s were sustained.

We quickly bombed over to a flat plain just in time to watch the sunset. We had another hair-raising journey back to the lagoon to finish it off. Had some beers and dinner with everyone and were introduced to ‘Gap Yah’. Then off to the only club for more drinks around a bonfire. Chatted to a guy from Spain that looked like a heroin addict then stumbled home.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-21, 2010

    You mean nothing to me SandBOARDER!

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