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England “Play”

J having lost the camera charger in Runabaca was forced to buy another from ‘Radio Shack’. Getting the new charger back to the room he attempted to charge the camera………… “V where is the camera?” Stomach wrenching sickness gripped J as he desperately searched the room before reaching the undeniable conclusion that he had left it tied to the table leg in the restaurant last night.

Sprinting through the streets back to the restaurant he found it was shut. Nothing more could be done until it opened.

J decided that they needed an English flag to support England’s participation in the World Cup. So, having no joy finding one, and being told by everyone that they should be supporting Peru (didn’t want to tell them they didn’t make) V&J bought fabric and paid a lady £1:50 to spend 2 hours stitching it. This caused them to miss the first 20 mins of the game and the sighting of a very rare English goal. However, they did now have a super stylish flag.

England drew and the humiliation was worsened by the pleased Yanks in the bar. Still we were cheered up on the way home when a Peruvian trying to get our attention shouted, ‘Hey Switzerland’.

Returning to the restaurant that night V&J found no camera, only a note complete with email addresses; “Dear red head girl. We found your camera. We took it because we assumed the Peruvian’s would steal it.”

There is still hope for the camera!

  1. jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2010

    hahahhahaha who was the note from?

    • V & J (Reply) on Thursday-22, 2010

      Some Israeli guys.

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