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England Suck

Where were you when England went out of the world cup in shame? V&J were sat in a small, dusty cafe in a small, dusty town eating small, dusty turkey sandwiches for breakfast. We cheered and booed loudly and proudly, attracting a lot of attention. Then Germany raped us and then we just looked really stupid so we left before full time.

We attempted to find a bus to where we actually wanted to be, but were instead offered a car for much less than we expected. We had to wait 20 minutes to find some more passengers and then we were on our way. Munching on mandarins and dozing off every now and then the time flew by and before we knew it we were in the small port town of Pacasmayo.

We found a nice cheap hotel near the beach and went in search of windsurfing stuff. There was a nice beach, wind, water, windsurfers, kitesurfers but nowhere to hire equipment. This sucks!

We decided to ask one of the kitesurfers coming off the beach if he had seen anywhere to hire and it turned out to be one of the Austrians we met on the Colca Canyon trek. He told us it was a lost cause so we went for beers and food instead, meeting a fellow windsurfer along the way called Jedi or something.

The town itself was really cool. It was basic and didn’t actually have anything of interest to a tourist, but this was precisely why we were digging it. Plus one of the few restaurants there served delicious seafood, was super cheap and played surf videos all day. Maybe its a good thing there is no hire because we would never leave this place.

J had to wait for the powercut to be over and then got his head shaved by an extremely camp hairdresser. We met up with the two Austrians and Jedi for even more beers and ended up in the next town ‘San Pedro’ participating in a professional fashion catwalk show.

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