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Went to catch our bus to Puna, Peru and heard someone shout ‘Hey Jeremy! Are you Hannah’s brother?’. So we chatted to Hannah’s housemates from uni for a while before boarding our bus. We are delighted to report that Hannah is now officially one of our most loyal and devoted followers as all her flatmates knew exactly what we looked like because they had been bored to death by Hannah insisting they ‘check out the blog’.

In Puna we ran into R and A again. By ‘ran into’ I mean we stalked them and followed them to their hostel. We all booked a tour of the floating island for later that afternoon so we grabbed some lunch first. V had a nap whilst J worked on Anna’s website then we jumped on a bus to the shore. Here we boarded a horrendously touristy guided trip, complete with one million Isreali’s, OAP’s and geeks. This didn’t take away from the coolness of the islands though. They are literally floating islands made from layered reeds, with reed huts and solar panels?!

As soon as we got to one of the islands it all started to get a bit much. The family that lived on the island insisted on selling things to us, including a small toy boat (guess what it was made from) for £10. Some of the more mentally challenged tourists lapped it all up, paying through the nose for postcards and pieces of cloth. V even saw one Isreali girl grab a little Peruvian girl (who was busy selling her drawings) and forced her to have a photo taken with her. She tugged at her hair ensuring the photo was set up perfectly, probably so she could go home and tell everyone what an original experience she had had and how she made friends with the locals. And she didn’t even buy one of the little girls drawings.

In addition to all this they had built lookout points (health and safety out the window), tied a duck to a post, and for the grand finale they gave a performance. The women from the island sang us a song in Quechua, Spanish, English, and even Hebrew.

Before it got dark we went to one more island, this one even had coca cola, a tourist restaurant and two rooms for tourists to stay overnight. These islands are cool and its amazing that so many people actually live out here, but it’s been exploited to the core. We also found out later that many of the islanders actually live on the mainland these days. But it’s ticked a box. Next.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2010

    whats with ze jews?

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