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Feeling considerably better today we decided to go to the jungle. We toyed with the idea of getting the massively cheaper 20hr bus along the world’s worst road. In a moment of clarity we booked the $50 flight instead. It turned out to be worth the money as the flight path out of Lima was awesome. In our 19 seater propeller plane, we flew scrapingly-close to ice-capped mountains, sweeping across lakes and finally over the enormous jungle. As we came in to land all the passengers fell silent. Not only were we clipping trees but there was no landing strip to be seen. Suddenly a small clearing came into view containing a dirt path a few hundred metres long. Surely this couldn’t be the airport? So after the groundsmen chased a cow and a several dogs off the dirt landing we approached and made our bumpy landing. You know those idiots on cheap airlines that clap when the pilot lands the plane safely? That was us today, but we were genuinely surprised, relieved and grateful that we were all still alive.

As we waited at the Rurrenabaque Airport terminal, at the baggage reclaim belt we watched the 12yr old co-pilot (who tripled as the baggage man and bus driver) retrieve our bags from the nose of the plane. They then loaded the next victims, I mean passengers, for the return flight back to Lima, once again clearing the strip of cows and dogs for take off.

We took the bus into ‘town’ passing villages made up of cool straw huts. We found a hostel and went in search of a cheap tour company for our Pampas tour. After doing our research we found a company recommended to us by our New Chinese Friend and attempted to hammer the price down to what he got it for. After about an hour of bargaining and pleeding (‘But our friend came here and got it for 350, we can find him in your book’) we managed to get a 3-day tour for just £76 for both of us, instead of £110. Feeling pleased with ourselves V then realised that our New Chinese Friend hadn’t actually gone to that agency and we had hammered the price down using pure and utter lies. Ah well.

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