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Somewhere along the way yesterday V&J promised R&A that they would come and support Holland. The slight technical hitch was that the match was being shown at 6am. Believe it or not V&J, or at least in the physical form, rolled into the fully packed Dutch bar 30 mins late. Managed to stomach breakfast and a cheer for the Dutch goal before crawling back to bed.

Whilst walking through Cusco we heard people shouting our names, it was Kate Julie and Joe from Puerto Iguasu, Argentina. After catching up for a while they gave us a heads up on booking train tickets for Machu Pichu. We managed to find our way to the train station only to find the ticket office had shut 30 mins before they got their. It was just going to be one of those days. Bed time.

Dinner time came around fast and V&J went for their last meal together with R&A. Stole all their photos and wished them good luck on the Inca trail.

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