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Finally Leaving Rurre
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We contemplated getting the bus back for a few seconds then went straight to the Amazonas office to book ourselves onto the next available flight, which was this afternoon.

We trundled around ‘town’, checked out the markets and ate some banana cake. We had worn out Rurrenabaque and were glad we were heading out later.

We went back to the office to pick up our bags from storage and get the bus to the airport. At the airport we were told that there was a slight problem. They had booked two seats for us on the plane but there was only one available. Hmm…this is not a ’slight problem’ is it senor?! It’s only a 19 seater propeller plane-how can you miscount?! Fingers and toes dude. And why did you make us come all the way to the airport before telling us this?! Unless V sat on J’s lap we weren’t going anywhere so we would have to head back into town and sort it out with the office. We asked if we could be taken back to town and were told we would have to wait ‘una momento’. V ensured that this meant one moment literally and not one moment in Bolivian time keeping.

So 2 and a half hours later (after they had loaded the plane that we weren’t on) we were back in town arguing with the Amazonas staff. They understood and appreciated that this was a problem but they didn’t seem to accept that it was their problem and they needed to fix it. The cultural differences became crystal clear at this point as they thought it was hilarious that in the UK if an airline made this mistake they would have to pay for food, accommodation and perhaps compensation for the inconvenience. P.S. Give us our money back for the bus!

Eventually we managed to get a manky hotel room out of them but nothing more. We had little money left (no bank), no clean clothes (too expensive to get them washed here), and our new flight didn’t leave until 6pm the next day so we now had nothing to do.

An uneventful day followed as we dillydallied around. On the flight back we met a couple who raved about the Galapagos Islands, although they had paid $8000 each for 8 days! Woah.

Back in La Paz we rushed to catch a bus to Copacabana, arriving just in time for dinner, internet and sleeping.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2010

    just starting , this is long, i lost where i last left off so spent ages looking for the new posts! ginger hulk

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