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Having no map and arriving earlier than expected we grabbed a tuktuk and asked to go to the main area with all the restaurants and hostels. Realising we had been completely done (he must have taken us about 500yds) we gave him half the money we agreed on and he still seemed chuffed.

Firstly we checked out Loki hostel on the beach front. It was a very plush Loki, but jolly expensive too. We left our bags in storage and put our names on the ‘Waiting List’ for a private room and went to check out some other places. We found a nice little hotel down the road for half the price with nicer rooms but con agua normal, so no hot showers for us for a while! But in this heat we didn’t give a flying rats ass.

We collected our bags from Loki and ran into the Aussie lot from Uruguay, Becca, Simon and Tigan. This was a bad sign. This meant we would probably be staying here longer than intended.

Checked into our hotel and headed back to Loki to catch up with the guys and chill out around the pool. Walked along the beach to find out the crack about windsurfing resulting in disappointment once again. No windsurf rentals, only kitesurf so we will probably leave tomorrow.

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