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Pampas Day 1
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An early start as we loaded ourselves and all the required equipment into an old-school Jeep. We drove for 4hrs along a very rough road until we reached the river. Here we transferred everything into a long dug-out canoe. We continued upstream for a further 3hrs, passing crocodiles (possibly alligators-our guide wasn’t the most knowledgeable of people), caimen, monkeys, tortoises, hundreds of birds (our guide failed in the bird department too), and oversized guinea pigs (his lack of English didn’t really help).

We reached camp and bought jungle beer (it’s the same as normal beer, just overpriced) watched the sunset and got settled. We would have to de-poo our beds before we go to sleep tonight, there were clearly a lot of rats and mice around here that enjoy pooing on our beds. Cama de Caca. We had a very small dinner then went crocodile hunting in the dark. Thousands of glowing orange spots filled the water as we gracefully drifted down the river blinding the crocs with our headtorches.

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