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Pampas Day 2
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V was awoken by piercing screaming and gravely groans. She got out of her mosquito net and went outside to see what the fuss was about. One of the guides informed her that it was howler monkeys and she better get used to it. V trotted off to have a cold shower in one of the shower huts with a soundtrack of monkey noises.

After breakfast we went searching for anacondas in the bush. We were offered wellies but were told several times by our guide that there will definitely not be any water. So as we were traipsing through half-metre deep mud we were openly cursing our useless guide. But we did manage to see three anacondas and a highly poisonous cobra which was sweet, although the way the guides yanked them around was somewhat controversial.

After lunch we saw tons more birds, including some cool parrots and a leopard print storky thing (that’s its scientific term). We parked our canoe up on a muddy bank, scaring some crocs in the process. Our guide then took his shirt off and jumped into the water. After a brief discussion about crocodiles and caimans we convinced each other that they were surely more scared of us then the other way round?!

We all jumped in and after a while a group of pink dolphins came over for a play. As more time passed people started ‘feeling things’ so more and more people retreated back to the boat. The guide found this an appropriate time to tell us that crocodiles and piranhas will only attack humans if they have an open wound or blood on them. V quickly got back in the boat as it was a particularly dangerous time of the month for her to be swimming with blood-thirsty animals.

We headed back to camp, stopping at a bar along the way to watch the sunset with more beers before (a very unsatisfying) dinner, card playing, drinking and sleeping.

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