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Pampas Day 3
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We got up exceptionally early to watch the sunrise upstream. The cloud cover made this an unnecessary event and we boated back to camp, running out of petrol on the way.

We had breakfast and got back in the canoe loaded with raw meat to go piranha fishing. We were each given a stick, hook and lumps of meat, potentially dog. After an unsuccessful half hour we moved further upstream to a spot more abundant with both piranhas and tourists. It was a matter of seconds before we all felt the nasty little things munching away. They were accustomed to our gringo ways and cleverly managed to unhook the meat without causing any harm to themselves, the majority of the time.

Then our luck changed and one by one we all started catching fish. A keen looking eagle kept a watch on our fish and even managed to catch some mid-air when we threw them at it. Between us we managed to catch at least one of each type of piranha, red, black and yellow. When we ran out of meat our eco-friendly guide cut up a few fish for more bait.

P.S. J caught a catfish.

Back at camp we had some time to chill out before our journey back to Rurrenabaque. The return trip was pretty uneventful until a rock the size of my face came flying at the windscreen, smashing it to pieces. Surprisingly the rock didn’t smash through the windscreen as V & J were sat in the direct line. The rest of the 3hr drive was slightly breezier without a windscreen.

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