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Sailing Lake Titikaka
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After breakfast we wandered down to the lake and saw some peddelows and big reed tourist boats. Then a small sailing boat caught our eye. After a bit of bargaining we agreed to take it out after lunch when there might be more wind. The little Bolivian man promised more wind once you get out of the harbour as it’s sheltered by the mountains. J thought this was unlikely but it would be fun anyway.

So after grabbing some snacks and water we got on board our sea vessel and J paddled out (V sunbathed, I mean steered the boat). Once we were away from the mountains there was a very slight breeze so we put the sail up. This was a large piece of cloth with holes in tied to lumps of wood (the boom and mast) and also attached to the side of the boat. Surprisingly we didn’t go very far very fast. But it was nice weather and we had nothing better to do.

Eventually V spotted a trout farm on the horizon so we made some enormous tacks and finally docked onto the side of the floating island. Here we were greeted by a Bolivian family who thought J was hilarious when he attempted to catch some trout. As soon as we had two reasonably sized fish they whisked them away, tore their guts out (tossing them in the gut bucket), coated them in batter and fried them, serving them up with chips and salad. It was all over within 10 minutes, fresh from the lake to our plate. It tasted pretty awesome, particularly when washed down with a cheap beer.

The view from the rocks was amazing, Lake Titikaka is so big it gives the impression of an ocean as you can’t see the other side. The Bolivian dude was building a viewpoint and seating area for people to sail over and sit and eat fish.

Time to head back as we were already late handing the boat back. Luckily a load of people had said that the wind picks up in the late afternoon so sailing back should be no problem.

There wasn’t a duck’s fart out there. We kept the sail up for an hour in the hope that we might drift in the right direction. J went for a swim and did some naked navigation. Then we were forced to put the sail down and row the rest of the way.

We got back in time for sunset, with newly formed callous’ on our hands. We randomly saw Corine and Ruud and Arlette and went for beers on the lakeside before a cheap dinner and a well earned sleep.

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