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The BEST Bus

In a cafe we saw Kate, Julie and Joe again, who were heading to Ica later today. We spent a few hours deciding what to do, eventually settling on going with them all.

It was the BUS JOURNEY FROM HELL. Instead of taking 12hrs it actually took us 23hrs. Halfway through the journey the bus decided it didn’t like going uphill. By uphill I mean any slight incline would cause it to conk out. The bus driver spent a whole hour trying to get up a ‘hill’ roughly 100 metres long. He tried many different techniques, including ‘The Run Up’, ‘The Sling Shot Effect’ and the ‘Swing It Round The Corner As Fast As Possible’, to no avail. After a while we discovered that the bus was capable of reversing up hills. So that’s what we did. Just caused a bit of an issue everytime a hill came along. Then the A/C broke and none of the windows would open. It was at this point they decided it would be a good idea to turn the heating on, which was scolding hot and actually burning V’s feet everytime she accidently touched it. They really were trying to make this the most physically uncomfortable journey of our lives. Using a blanket (clearly a highly unnecessary piece of equipment in these circumstances) she covered the heater by her feet, preventing 1st degree burns. The stewardess attempted to take the blanket away from V and nearly lost a hand in the process.

Inevitably the bus broke down several times, for hours at a time. With no A/C, no open windows and lots of very sweaty passengers there was literally no air. Whilst broken down V and Kate felt faint and needed some fresh air so tried to get outside but no-one would let them out the bus. The door was locked shut and all the crew were walking passed and going to the back of the bus to stare at the engine for an hour (that didn’t work last time guys, pretty sure it won’t work again). Kate and V were starting to freak out a little as they couldn’t breath. V had the fire extinguisher in hand ready to smash through the glass door, which opened just in time.

6 days later we were in Ica.

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