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To Lima

Hopped on a bus with most of the sandboarding guys to Lima. V&J’s plan was to get in and get out not wanting to waste any time on the “ overcast, misty, characterless city with zero tourist attractions and a high price tag”. This is what had been conveyed by other travellers. V&J also didn’t want to waste anytime getting north where there was some possibilities of windsurfing and kitesurfing. V was especially adamant that she gets to go windsurfing because, ‘I didn’t get to go in Vietnam’.

Unfortunately Lima had other plans. We had arrived on a Friday night and all the sensible people that lived and worked in Lima wanted to get the hell out. This meant that all the busses where fully booked, there was no city that V&J could escape to. At the Cruz Del Sur bus terminal was a young American guy that explained that he had been to 6 different bus companies and they were all the same.

There was nothing for it but to book a ticket for tomorrow (10pm) and to bed down in Lima for the night. We shared a taxi with this guy to a hostel. He turned out to be quite interesting, strange but interesting. He was our age and had been working for the Peace Core for a year and a half in the middle of nowhere. V&J were not really sure what to talk to him about (apart from what he did for the Peace Core) as he had detached himself from the world for so long.

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