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J feeling much worse today and being slightly whiney about it so V tucked him into bed and took some photos of the island they weren’t going to be trekking. Instead we had breakfast with R and A and then caught the 10.30am ferry back to the mainland. At the port we bumped into Aussie Tom (from J’s Spanish class in Buenos Aires) and his bit of stuff Milou, another cool Dutchy.

Had a long lunch with them and booked our bus for Peru for tomorrow. J started a course of antibiotics because he felt and looked horrible.

  1. Nads (Reply) on Monday-12, 2010

    Does J always have toncil problems? I seem to remember a certain trip to Bristol one yr where he was unable to drive due to “toncil” problems??? hope your both well now, looking forward to seeing you both soon! x
    p.s love the updates x

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-17, 2010

      Nards that was legit! I almost died.

  2. jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2010

    take them out you fucking tit.
    “na na its good to keep them in cause its part of the immune system innit”
    its a fucking concentration camp

    • V & J (Reply) on Thursday-22, 2010

      rage issues

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