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Trek to Sol Island
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After some breakfast with Corine we said our goodbyes (once again) and trotted off towards the Isla del Sol, via a 17km walk. It started out along a dusty road, with very little traffic but lots of donkeys and pigs. We simply walked and talked for a hours, it was pretty cool. Eventually we came across an Incan site complete with steep, rocky steps leading up to the top of the hill.

It wouldn’t be a trek if V didn’t cry so it was at this point she felt it was appropriate because the altitude had got to her and couldn’t catch her breath and was pathetically panicking about suffocating.

A long winding road led down to some small villages on the lakeshore. Roughly an hour from our finishing point a local Bolivian man offered us a lift to the island for much less than a boat from the next village. Feeling slightly bored of walking we bargained and took him up on his offer. We trundled through his farm to a small rickety row boat with an outboard. He carefully navigated us through the thick reeds and out to the island. It took a good hour to get there, with an extra half hour walking to get to the main area, past Incan ruins and farm land.

On the way we saw Ruud and Arlette and they recommended their hostel so we headed there, found a nice cheap room overlooking the lake and went for something to eat. J was ready to chew off his arm as he hadn’t eaten anything all day.

Ruud and Arlette joined us for food and beers after they attacked the Inca Steps and got nice and sweaty. We had some issues with paying the bill as the bloke made all the prices up then tried to charge us more than twice as much for a ‘cold’ beer.

J was starting to feel the nasty claws of tonsilitis scraping at his throat so we had an early night and discussed the possibility of not doing the island trek tomorrow and heading back to the mainland instead. Antibiotics and Florence Nightingale could be on the cards.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2010

    dont anger it!
    ginger hulk

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