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Victorias Birthday
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J wished V a very happy birthday then packed up all their stuff and moved to the originally planned hostel, which was tons nicer. V then rang Fiona so that they could wish each other a happy birthday. We walked around town for a few hours, eating cake in a cafe for elevense’s.

Eventually it was time to get drunk and we headed to the pre-designated bar to meet R and A, who had very kindly given V a Dutch-orange hat for her birthday. It all started to go wrong when J bought a round of vodka shots. V thought it might be a good idea if we went for dinner at the nice restaurant ‘before we all got too hammered’ so we would appreciate the gourmet meal. It was a tad too late for this, however, we stumbled along regardless. In the restaurant we rather successfully made everyone aware of our presence, scaring the waiters and downing a shed load of more wine. When V tried to get into the bathtub-style table, R and A started humping on the sofa and J was posing inappropriately with the cherub statues, we realised we needed to move on swiftly to an establishment that allows this kind of behaviour.

We went to a salsa bar and drank our weight in alcohol, but danced some of it off again. It was now time for a club for more shots and cocktails. This led to some horrendous dancing on podiums, straddling banisters, and muchos fotos locas.

Neither V or J remember how or when they got back.

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