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Caught our bus to Quito after being laughed at by the ticket man, he thought our attempt at Spanish was hilarious. Got searched when we boarded the bus, this was a first for us, not sure if it made us feel safer or worse.

The bus journey went surprisingly quickly but we were dropped in the middle of ‘the bad streets’ of Quito. After asking a friendly local where the hell we were and how we can get to our hostel he enthusiastically replied “get in a taxi, much safer. Oh and don’t go out after 7pm”. Nice.

Swiftly caught a taxi to ‘The Secret Garden’ hostel, as recommended by LP. It was disgustingly overpriced at $26 a room, without bathroom, without taxes. We assumed it was because we were in the capital city and took the room, particularly because some annoying rah said “one can get a room down the road for cheaper if you don’t mind getting raped”. Interesting.

Taking the bags up to our room we passed through the communal area, packed full of travellers sporting their finest Jack Wills clothes, arms full of bracelets and floppy hair. When you see guys wearing pashmina’s you know it’s time to find a new hostel.

On facebook we found out where our Aussie friends were staying, which turned out to be 100yds down the road in the Ecuadorian-run ‘Hostel Belmont’ paying $12 for a room with a bathroom. Bastards. So we checked it out and decided to move first thing tomorrow.

We grabbed a delicious pizza for dinner, rotating after every two slices to allow maximum variety.

  1. momma and dadda (Reply) on Sunday-25, 2010

    guys i could not stop crying with laughter when watching the i’m on a boat video – hope you have sent it of the video competition closes 30th july
    keep up the good work
    ps momma squealed with laughter as well, she made me find the original on utube that the band did and yrs was much better especially the taking of of the shirt and the flippy floopy!!!

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-26, 2010

      Hahaha glad you liked it. Bit of a rushed job. Don’t think we can enter the video competition because we nicked someone else’s song, Illegal!!! Not sure what the boat crew would make of it :-D

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