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Booking Galapagos

Had a nice lie-in, which is becoming rare these days. Sat in bed discussing the pros and cons of going to the Galapagos. Eventually we decided we were retarded and required a third person to make the decision. Yet again we called Big Bung for his advice. He was in France going out to dinner and probably didn’t give a monkeys about ‘whether or not we should spend £3000 on going to the Galapagos’ but he listened patiently and simply said “You’ve got the time, you’ve got the money, just go. I’m going to dinner”.

So that was it. We were going. And we were going on Grace Kelly’s boat. We had come to the conclusion if we’re going to do it, we might as well do it well. We transferred the money into our account and nervously headed back to the tour agency. On the Trole (metrobus) there was a very poor attempt of pickpocketing from a young lad trying to reach into J’s pocket. It was so bad infact we felt like giving him some money in pity.

We had agreed with eachother to try and get it for $2000pp and before we even started bargaining they had dropped the price because they needed to fill the last few spaces as it left tomorrow.

Ready to part with our money we ran into Problem Number 1. We were told we would be charged 10% if we used our card. This completely counteracted the discount of $400 so we tried to withdraw enough money out of an ATM. We then asked if we could set up an international bank transfer direct from our account. This was attempted but the bank couldn’t initialise the transfer until Monday, at which point they would phone to confirm the transfer by calling V’s mobile. Ah. Problem number 2. We were phoneless but we got around this by changing V’s registered mobile number to the Agencies number and then they can confirm. Problem Number 3; Obviously V had to confirm it in person and by Monday we would be sat in our hot-tub on the deck of Grace Kelly’s boat. V’s ridiculous question ‘can’t you transfer the call to the boat?’ was met with laughter.

After a few hours of running in the rain to several ATM’s that would only let us take out peanuts at a time we knew it was time to use the back up card! Poor Baz had to take a hit once again. We were still capped on how much money we could withdraw and could only pull together half the amount. Back at the agency we asked if we could pay half now, half when we return, which, to our surprise, they agreed on, leaving Baz’s credit card details with them for more burning if we decide to do a runner.

And that was it. Didn’t realise it would be that hard to spend money but nonetheless we were booked on our flight tomorrow for our 8day cruise of the Galapagos on a sick-ass boat. We went back to the cheap Chinese for dinner to make up for the $4000 we just spent. We saw the spray-painted statue man again, in the exact same position as yesterday. After a more thorough inspection we discovered he was actually a statue.

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