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Bus To Equador

After some hilariously lapse border crossing regulations we were dropped in Guayaquil, the largest city in Equador. We booked a bus for Puerto Lopez, via Jipijapa for an hours time, just enough time to get some breakfast in the surprisingly clean and modern bus terminal. Had a random selection of Mc Donalds, croissants, toasties and coffees before, one by one, traipsing off to the impressive self-flushing toilets.

This bus dropped us quite far from the beach in Puerto Lopez and all the hostels so we had to trek a fair way in some pretty deep, and unexpected, mud. It was literally everywhere. It was peeing down, also unexpected for one of the ‘nicest beach towns in northern Peru’, and the usually dusty roads had turned to muddy slush. Our flipflopped feet were not quite ready for this. We also got attacked by several touts insisting on selling us their hostel/whale watching tours/drugs. We tramped on ignoring all of the above and found a relatively decent hotel room for a decent price after looking at some absolute stinkers. Some of the replies you get when you ask if there is HOT water are pretty hilarious.

Feeling a tad tired from yet another long bus journey we had some lunch at the closest restaurant which was a new Italian place that had just opened. It had no menus but the descriptions of the food given by the owner sounded delicious. Shame the portions were measured out for anorexic Ethiopian school children on a diet.

Had a snooze, booked a whale watching tour for tomorrow and got an early night.

  1. Clare (Reply) on Thursday-22, 2010

    VIKKIIIII!!! It’s been ages I know but I wondered what you were up to so found you on facebook and somehow have spent the past hour reading about your incredible adventures!!! I love your blog!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Hope to meet up and hear all about it when you get back xxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-23, 2010

      Hola! Haha i’m glad you have been reading up on our whereabouts! We have been having an amazing time, can;t believe how quickly 11months has gone. Will be back on the 26th August, got the golf day on the 5th September-will you be around? Can’t wait to see you, it’s been bloomin ages! Hope your good, say hi to the rest of the gardner clan.

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