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Again early morning music wafted through the speaker system to gently wake us at 6:00. The usual pig out session at breakfast (the highlight being pancakes and maple syrup) proceeded the “hike” up an incline to the top of an island to take in some scenery. Unfortunately it was overcast so the pictures taken were not quite what they could have been. V&J didn’t really care they just wanted to go snorkelling again.

They received their wish as the next activity was indeed snorkelling. Supposedly this would be the best day for snorkelling and to top it off the water clarity was perfect. Freezing but perfect. Hypothermia was held at bay by a white tipped reef shark that stuck around long enough to get a couple of videos. Starfish seemed to be the main attraction here as they carpeted the sea bed only sharing there space with the odd sea cucumber. All were different sizes and colours laid out in varying positions. Accompanying all of this was the usual array of fish, one in particular V some how managed to spot. It blended so well we may have just taken a picture of a rock.

A long soaking session in the roasting jacuzzi brought blood circulation back to extremities while giving a scolding sensation, it was brilliant. Now sufficiently warm lunch was served while we changed location.

The afternoon was mainly relaxing but included a stroll along a sandy beach to see some flamingos. The stroll was nice but the flamingos where a no show. V&J not too bothered about this having seen a huge flocks of flamingos on the Salt Flats in Bolivia. Did manage to see a ghost crab, these are really hard to see because they feel the vibrations and hide in the sand.

The boat then had to refuel so everyone was confined to the inside the boat for more relaxing. Watched the film “Up” which was surprisingly depressing for a Pixar movie. Again this was followed by the briefing and dinner.

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