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Our alarm call came at 6:00am today for a pre-breakfast ramble on Isabelle island. Greeting us as we landed on the beach was a number of hermit crabs who were slow to scarper away. Our walk started by looking at a turtle skeleton and some fauna accompanied by explanations and some facts/stories/myths. Part of this included explaining about man playing god and helping out the dwindling Turtle population. In the old days they would take the eggs, incubate them and put the baby turtles directly in the sea cutting out the predators that would eat 80% of them on their long arduous journey towards the sea (10% would also walk away from the sea and die). Unfortunately, this intervention inadvertently kills every single one of them due to the fact that the long journey towards the sea tripled their lung capacity allowing them to survive under water long enough to hunt for food. Basically they would all drown. V&J found this hysterical as in Malaysia (Turtle Island). this is the exact process that they use to “help” the turtles. Infact V&J helped turn genetically retarded turtles with no sense of direction (which is vital for a turtle) towards the sea, when these should be killed off by natural selection. Someone needs to make a phone call to Turtle Island.

During this walk we were hoping to see land iguanas and some giant tortoises. Halfway through the walk we came across a couple of land iguanas that were much more colourful than their sea bound relatives. However, our search for a giant tortoise was unsuccessful.

Another turn around put us back in our much needed wetsuits to do some more snorkelling in “the ice box”. However, the cold water was forgotten by everyone as soon as a white tipped reef shark was seen. Two hungry penguins took to the water, more than happy to duck and dive around us catching their lunch. Joining the party was some marine iguanas, flightless cormarants and a large numbers of turtles. The cold could only be fought off for so long and back on the Palace the few brave snorkelers gathered in the roasting hot tub to regain blood circulation.

Stayed put for lunch and then took a panga ride around the rock faces looking at the blue footed bobbies nesting on the cliffs and diving into the water. Well V&J eventually did this after missing the departure they got the big boat to blast its fog horn at the little ones until one came back to pick them up.

We motored through the afternoon in order to get to our next destination in time tomorrow. During this time we crossed the Equator for a third time putting us briefly in the Northern Hemisphere (tonight we cross back to the southern). We also spotted some blue whales off the stern and span around to take some good photos. These things are huge, they show such a minimal proportion above the surface that it is hard to comprehend their size, or get a good photo.

Dinner was amusing as V&J sat with the Spanish primary school teacher who only talked Spanish. He was telling them how he eats fruit and seeds from certain animal poo because it is nutritious. He also let on that he eats cuckooned butterflies. This became highly amusing when it finally transpired half an hour later that he wasn’t infact talking about himself but other animals. This guy hasn’t yet slept because he is down near the engine room and has to put up with the constant wail from the engine. We checked out the noise and felt so sorry for him that we gave away our new earplugs. Good luck.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Tuesday-27, 2010

    I keep going back to the photo of you Victoria, sitting on the back of the boat reading Roald Dahl. It makes me cry as you are ten again! xx
    The photos are amazing! x

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