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So the money had been spent (well, half of it) there was no turning back now! At 7 we awoke, 7:15 we cancelled the bank transfer, 7:30 we broke the news to Baz. 7:45 we got some breakfast and at 8:00 we were on our way to the airport.

Everything ran smoothly and was highly professional, like you would expect for the price tag. The only slight surprise was the length of the flight. Taking off at 10:15 and getting into the Galapagos at 1:30 (with a stop over in Guayaquil).

Our bags were taken to the boat for us while we were introduced to our guide and escorted to the pier. We’ve never had our bags taken for us!! We crowded round the railings to look down onto a tame seal posing on the rocks below. Our guide came over and asked what was happening “It’s a seal!”. He then smugly pointed over to the seating area on the pier where there was a whole group lying under, over and around the benches. “It’s ok, everyone is like this on their first day.” V looked at J, J looked at V, this is going to be sweeeeeeeeeeet!

The boat was everything we thought it was going to be. Hot showers, (the first we have had in over a week) comfy beds, jacuzzi, flat screen tv, sun lounging area, 2 dining areas, 2 living rooms and a kitchen, that produced some awesome food for lunch. “I’m on a boat!”

Fitted with snorkelling gear we headed to the beach in one of our 2 Panga’s (tenders). As we approached seals swam along side the boat to check us out. Our guide informed us that they were young fur sea lions and would be keen to play with us. J couldn’t get his flippers and mask on fast enough and was into the water with the new waterproof camera in a flash. Amazing! Being young sea lions they like to make you jump, thus asserting their authority and making themselves feel superior. It worked. They basically book it right towards your face and then at the last minute dive, jump or swim around you. It was seriously cool. Also swam with a small sting ray and a giant turtle, although these were less playful they were also seriously cool and completely fearless.

Dinner topped off our first day as we got to know the guests on board better. To our surprise lots of them had also booked last minute (not quite as late as us but still). The only acceptation to this (as far as we can tell) is the hugely wealthy Mexican family (the large father spoke exactly as you imagine a wealthy Mexican to speak (a gravely Antonio Banderas) and the American couple on their honeymoon. The rest being travellers or switched on people that new about the last minute deals to be had.

Finally the 11 strong crew introduced themselves to the 16 passengers who reciprocated before receiving a briefing of what we can expect to do and see tomorrow. Damn we are excited.

  1. Shazza (Reply) on Saturday-24, 2010

    What a cool video, you have both obviously missed your vocation!!! xx So funny, Dad and I loved it. xxx

  2. Shammylether (Reply) on Thursday-5, 2010

    UK med support here
    Jerrers , cant believe how your spelling has improved since yr travels – its a miracle
    Thnks for PC, v thoughtful, flightless cormorants my favourite bird !
    We doing Yarmouth Regatta nxt w/e , ON A BOAT new official Battle Music, replacing MIA paper planes – how can I project Vid on2 sail ? its the chocolates !!!
    Safe journey home (Box back 12/8)

    • V & J (Reply) on Thursday-5, 2010

      Hahaha yes spelling has improved. V can’t believe you know MIA. I’M ON A BOAT is much better, your bounded to win with this in your artillery. Thought a postcard was the least we could do to say thanks. Good luck with the racing! Will look Boxy up when back on British soil, if he is sticking around?

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