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During the night we had travelled from one of the most southern islands to one of the most northern, covering hundreds of miles. This had made sleeping quite tough for V&J who were on ‘A deck’ (the third floor, thus accentuating the boats movements) and spent most of the night gripping on to the side to keep from rolling out of bed. However, neither party had time to feel tired through the excitement.

After some relaxing music played over the stereos our day started with the usual, “Your attention please”, “Su atencion por favor”. After stuffing ourselves at the breakfast buffet, we headed to land in the Pangas for our first wildlife walk. Today’s focus was on birds and by that I mean we only got to see birds (and a sea lion or two). V&J neither really “into” birds that much were pleasantly surprised to find themselves completely fascinated. Three different types of boobies, red and blue footed and nazca all with their own story of survival and day to day life. Frigate birds, storm kestrals, darwin finches and the something-or-other rare owl. All very different from one another. We saw all the different stages of chick-hood, from incubation, to feeding, to protection and finally leaving it to fend for its self.

Late morning we swapped feathers for fins and went snorkelling along the rocky coast with an array of colourful fish including Dorey from finding Nemo (it was the exact same fish I swear). Occasionally we were freaked out by the odd sea lion that flashed past us.

Lunch was again served at the back of the boat in the fresh air. No one failed to stuff themselves stupid. (Prawn ceviche was the highlight of the three course meal.)

After this strenuous day of bird watching and eating there was just enough time for a nap before we again boarded the Pangas to visit another part of the island. Most of the birds on this part of the island were the same as before. However there was the something-or-other seagull, the only nocturnal seagull in the world. This bird has a fluorescent tip to its beak allowing it to feed its chicks in the dark. To top everything off we got to see a massively persistent sea lion pup feeding from its mother.

It was then time to go back to the boat, our guide Juan Carlos radioed back to our Floating Palace. However, the batteries on the walky-talky had died/no-one was listening. So, J being the massive stud and hero that he is, donned his scuba gear and set off (against the current and chop) towards the Palace with two other guys. But this was a swim for a hero so only J made it and saved everyone from starving to death on a Galapagos island. His reward was a jacuzzi session all to himself on the bow.

The evening took on the same format as the night before. Briefing at 6:00ish (where J received a round of applause for his swim back to the mansion (can you tell who is writing this? And who has spell-checked it?) dinner at 7:00ish, sleep at 9:00ish. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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