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The bus dropped everyone into Cali Terminal at 5:30am. V&J immediately went and booked a bus onto Darien, while Gap Yah went and booked a ticket onto Medallin. Not quite rid of her yet, V&J had to suffer breakfast before parting ways. J was particularly talkative, leaving V to take one for the team and converse with her.

J slept on the bus and V watched the incredible views that the two and a half hour bus journey supplied. J woke just as they came over the hill to look down onto the immense lake that was “Lago Calima”, a manmade beauty. Not sure whether to get off in town or at the lakeside everything seemed to pass them by pretty quickly. They eventually decided to get out in the middle of nowhere and start asking questions. The first guy mumbled something while his dog was determined to make us go deaf. V&J then basically walked up and down the same stretch of road trying to obtain information, accommodation and windsurfing gear. It was all going hopelessly. One place we did find only had beginner stuff. However, the man showing us around turned out to be a super nice and drove us (with one of his 10 adopted street dogs) to the other windsurf centres. One of these was a warehouse full of equipment, tents to sleep in and a small kitchen that dished up breakfast and lunch. Result. The owner, Pescao, turned up (a wheelchair-bound ex-windsurfing champion). We negotiated a deal and got $90 a day for accommodation (tent in warehouse), food (2 meals), drinks (water), internet and windsurf gear. The only hitch is we have to stay for a week………. what a shame.

Super tired but more excited about the building wind V&J had lunch and hit the water. It was perfect. J was the first one out and hammered it across the beautifully flat water, wiped out and hammered it back again. V had other plans, she went off exploring the lake for 3 and a half hours before being able/deciding to return (depends who tells the story).

Headed to town for some dinner with the only two other windsurfers staying in the warehouse with us. A 32 year old Irish guy and a 65 year old Colombian (aka: Manuel from Fawlty Towers). Well and truly exhausted V&J crashed out in their new found indoor nest! Life is good.

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