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V&J woke up early in order to finish of the I’m On A Boat video before they had to get off the boat. Had the best meal yet for breakfast this was great because it was our last meal before we have to go back to eating rubbish. On the flip side its going to make it taste even worse now. Said good bye to ‘The Grace’ and spent some time on land at the Conservation Centre learning about the Galapagos Islands development and conservation. A beer for the road was then enjoyed by all and a group photo taken.

V wound the two Spanish kids up to a hyper frenzy on the flight home so that they annoyed everyone, then asked if they knew the significance of ‘adopted’ as their parents had (wisely) sat right at the front of the plane.

Checked back into our dump of a hostel and caught a taxi to the new town to meet some of the guys for dinner and drinks. Was a quiet evening with everyone thoroughly exhausted from their weeks adventure. Said final good byes and headed back for a cold shower, it’s just not ‘The Grace’.

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