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Lights Out

First thing was first. Post office….tick. Pay for Galapagos trip….tick. Eat lunch….tick. Go on the internet to plan the rest of the trip, find out the latest on the Colombian border and inquire about flights….no tick. An explosion in the street opposite our hostel has caused massive traffic jams and all the electricity in the vicinity to go out. So instead we grabbed the computer, took a taxi to the new town and sat in a cafe raping their internet ordering numerous beers and occasionally food.

After several hours a nice beer tally had been worked up, including a few cheeky mojitos and we decided it was time we moved on and found some dinner. We found a Vietnamese place down the road and had some really terrible watery noodle dishes. J didn’t seem to mind as much as V as he had consumed a considerably larger quantity of ‘the minty juice’.

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