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Patience is a Virtue

This would be the start of V&J’s mammoth journey. First they took the ‘Trole’ to the last station out of Quito City. Then they swapped to a bus to take them the rest of the way to the bus station. Here they again changed busses and left immediately for the border town of Trugul. After watching the trilogy of “The Transporter” in Spanish they arrived. Unfortunately they managed to pick up an annoying London traveller that was trying her hardest to imitate the guy on ‘Gap Yah’. V&J having had no sleep were not in a tolerable mood, especially J who is notoriously bad in the morning, was close to strangling ‘Miss Gap Yah yah yah’ (her name was not important enough to remember).

The plan was not to cross as it was Columbian independence day as, “there is the possibility that members of the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) may mark the day with attacks targeting government buildings, security installations and strategic infrastructure.” This was the plan but……. after reassessing the situation V&J saw that A)The border town was not great, B) Everyone else seemed to be going regardless C) Every local they asked laughed at the ridiculousness. They decided to sod it of and go for it, this meant another taxi to the border. Dodging their way past the money changers they were into Columbia. Another taxi was taken to the bus station on the Columbian side followed by a return taxi ride into the centre for lunch and withdrawing Columbian Peso. All the time V&J were unable to shake this stupid girl, she did ‘Furniture Design’ at University, that makes J’s degree look respectable.

All three boarded the bus J trying to conceal his anger from yah yah. Think he was especially bad at tolerating her as he was coming down with a cold. 10 hours of bumps and bounces left V&J with perhaps an hours sleep under their belts and somewhat cranky.

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