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Packed up our stuff and with a weighty ‘rah rah’ we ran down the road to the other hostel. We got some croissants at the bakery and did a walking tour of Quito’s Old Town. We saw a spray-painted bloke pretending to be statue sat on a bench. He was pretty good and even the people sat next to him didn’t realise he wasn’t actually a statue. Idiots.

We visited a convent where you can buy products made by the nuns through a rotating door to keep them concealed. It is very important that the nuns that live in the convent are not seen by the public at any time, and they even shut down part of the tour when the nuns have their ‘free time’ between 12-12.30. It is during this time that they are allowed to speak, but apparently they don’t have much to talk about.

So V peeked through a curtain and caught a glimpse of two nuns walking down the corridor. Unashamedly she called out to J to come have a ganders and we stood and watched them until they saw us and we giggled like school children.

The tour was actually quite interesting for a $1. Moving on we decided to head to the New Town to look into Galapagos trips. After visiting the first agency we came to the assumption that it was going to be an expensive few days, was it worth it? We had an inedible lunch and went to another agency for comparison. The guy managed to offer us lots more last minute deals, from backpacker style to luxury. He also mentioned an All Inclusive deal on one of the best boats around (it was given to Grace Kelly as a present from her husband, Prince Rainer of Monaco) for $2200pp. This was well over our budget and we weren’t even sure we wanted to go.

We took all the information back with us and spent the rest of the day on the internet searching for deals to try and better the agencies. It just wasn’t happening.

We were still undecided when we met the Aussies for beers and dinner at a cheap Chinese place on the square. The food was great, the beer was cold, just a shame about the company. Muhaha.

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