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In the morning we got told off by the guide. What he was trying to say in his little speech is that by putting graffiti on his white board we had endangered the size of his tip from the Mexican family. The father of which turned around at the end and said, ‘what is the problem, everyone just tip twice as much’. Our double standard guide then went of with a massive boner and was inconsolably happy for the rest of the cruise. He later apologised on the Panga saying he didn’t realise that the Ecuadorian had given us local $4 alcohol that can make you go blind. Things all smoothed over we were on Espanyola island. We are now on day 7 of our Galapagos adventure and seeing playful sea lions and fearless birds was becoming the norm but Espanyol island was some how the best.

We came into the island through the rolling waves to see the colonies of crabs clinging to the rocks that were taking a pounding from the sea. Following the path up forced us to pick our way over huge families of Marine Iguanas. This path lead to an incuisative baby sea lion that wanted to sniff everyone. Then the best part, the blue footed boobies. These birds are the best. They walk around like clowns lifting their feet unnecessarily high. The males also make a cool whistling noise and point at the sky to attract females. After spending much time here we moved on and spotted a Galapagos centipede in the undergrowth. Nesting Albatrosses followed. Never knew how cool and eccentric these birds were. They spend the first 6 years of their lives away from land sleeping as they fly. So much so when they come into land on ground for the first time, 60% (or 40% can’t remember which way round the statistic went) of them kill themselves due to lack of practice. Finally to take off they have to walk to a cliff and jump. This is where we headed now, to look out over the cliff edge at the blow hole in the middle of the awesome view. More of the same animals surrounded us on our walk back to the Panga lots had positioned them selves in brilliant places and posed like supermodels for the camera. Just before we left our Haun Carlos (our guide) spotted a Galapagos Hawk perched right above our heads. Espanola was the best as the view was the best and the animals were not only fearless but boisterous and inquisitive.

Truly happy with our mornings activity we took lunch on deck B at the stern. I’M ON A BOAT. The afternoon had been assigned as another walk along a beach for personal relaxing time. This beach had colonies of sea lions lazing in the sun, with one especially cute really tiny baby. As we lay on the beach a lucky sea lion hobbled up bearing the wounds of a shark bite on one of his fins.

Flies were driving everyone wild and made it impossible to relax. V&J killed 20 flies between them much to the delight of a hungry Galapagos mocking bird. J then went snorkelling with some playful sea lions and swam out to a rock to check out any fish. The visibility was a little rubbish and the water was freezing. Looking back he saw everyone else had gone back to the boat. Time to call it a day. Briefing and dinner.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Wednesday-28, 2010

    ……….and I thought Father Ted was the only “Bird Nerd!”

  2. lucy (Reply) on Friday-6, 2010

    I’m a little bit jealous of this- sea lions and birds with blue feet…the most unusual thing that happens where we are is a frenchman without a moustache.

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-7, 2010

      Brap! It was THE BEST however I wouldn’t mind a good dam rare French Steak washed down with a glass of Red. When are you guys back?

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