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Whale Watching
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Up bright and early for some breakfast before our whale watching trip. The majority had a normal breakfast consisting of eggs or toast but V and Stoney ordered the Peruvian breakfast of steak/fish with salsa, rice and a yellow ball of unknown substance.

Rocking up late we were rushed to the shore to pick up our boat to start the tour. We were each given a sexy lifejacket, some enjoying the accessories more than others, and we were off. Saw some cool blue footed boobies (birds, not mutant boobs) and it was a matter of minutes before we saw our first whale. After 40 minutes we had several humpback whales swimming alongside the boat, poking their heads up to have a lock at us. If they didn’t come to us we would charge full steam ahead into them, running a few over along the way. Highly illegal me thinks. But it made for some awesome photos.

Pulled up against some rocks for snorkelling but the weather was arctic so only the brave and/or stupid went in. Saw a ton of birds and went back to shore. Had a meal and drinks with the guys and said our goodbyes as we were going to Montechristi to buy a Panama hat. They were probably going to catch us up in Quito but nothings definite.

We walked to the bus station and caught our 5 hr bus to Manta via Jipijapa. On arrival it was pretty obvious it wasn’t the safest of towns so we grabbed a taxi to go 400m to a Lonely Planet recommended hostel. It was very ropey and the balcony doors didn’t close, but we took it anyway as the thought of walking around this town at night did not appeal. Got some dinner (fried chicken and chips) in the only open restaurant and rushed swiftly back to the room.

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