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A Change Of Luck

We got up as late as possible and then went for a walk around Cartagena. It started peeing down so we had some lunch (a whole 3 spoonfuls for V) and went back to the hostel to crash infront of the TV for a few hours before our flight at 6.15pm.

Tom had gratefully shown us a picture of an Aires plane (who we are flying with today) that had been struck by lightening upon landing in San Andres the other day. Nice. With this in mind V decided to quickly check her emails to ensure that the plane still exists. Luckily she did this because the flight had been moved forwards by 3 hours and was due to leave in 45 minutes. A big panicky rush followed by a short taxi ride and the worlds longest check-in queue resulted in the flight leaving at 5pm and V feeling like shit.

In Bogota we attempted to get our bags to get some more clothes (it’s no longer 4000% humidity) but with no luck. We won’t be seeing them again until Cali, if we’re lucky.

At our second check-in of the day, on a whim, V asked if there was an earlier flight we could get on as ours didn’t leave for 5 hours. Surprisingly the woman said yes and arranged for our bags to be transferred to this flight. Hmm….either our luck is changing or our bags are going to be lost in the ‘baggage reclaim abyss’.

After J made a joke about taking 4 hours to take off we took 4 hours to take off. Not quite, but it was a laughable amount of navigating around the runways.

And an hour later we were in Cali and relieved to see our bags. The shuttle bus was still running so we hopped on there and went to the bus terminal where we caught a taxi to our hostel, saving us $30US by not taking a taxi from the airport.

V, considerably suicidal by now, got to the hostel, grabbed an orange juice and passed out in bed. Luckily the room is nice and the sleeping is even nicer. J was just thankful that the complaining had stopped. No V you REALLY don’t have Dengue Fever.

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