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A Jose

Woke up feeing much less hungover than we deserved, this is a refreshing change to the grip of death we have been feeling from an innocent two beers. Little did we know it was in the post. After pestering the unfriendly staff at reception we managed to move into a reasonably priced private room, this really helped with the sleep situation but allowed the death grip to be delivered.

Before we knew it, 2 o’clock had come round and it was time to go to lunch with Jose. Right on time a Jose walked through the door. V&J didn’t know what to do, this was definitely not the 65year old Jose they were expecting. To be fair though his credentials were pretty similar. He was a Jose, he did windsurf, we did meet him in Lago Calima and he did live in Medellin. V&J were forced to stifle sniggers at the fact they had been emailing the wrong Jose for quite some time and left for their afternoon together.

He took us to a really nice place for lunch where they served traditional Colombian food. This was practically the same thing they had been eating day-in day-out just at a slightly higher quality. Rice, beans and meat. V&J struggled through, forcing bean soup in passed their hangovers. It was actually a really nice afternoon and was quite a shame we were so hungover.

After lunch Jose took us up to the Mirador (viewpoint) to look over the whole of southern Medellin. The best part was watching all the Colombians, big and small, trying to fly their kites in no wind.

The plan was to cook some dinner but it transpired that the supermarket was 30mins walk away, so a take away pizza had to suffice. Talking to Matt it turned out that he had been in contact with the correct Jose, at least until the 16th when he got the two email addresses confused and started bothering the other one (this guy must be really confused getting random emails from us and Matt that must have made no sense). Eventually we found the correct Jose’s details and J rang him to organise to meet up tomorrow. Following all this excitement was an early night with the film, ‘Green Zone’. Stupid in parts, but a good story that left you hating Americans so it was a hit with us.

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