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A Sneaky Secret

So a couple of weeks ago V&J re-routed their flight through Bogota in order to avoid the crack den; Caracas. It turned out that this new flight is scheduled to get in 8 hours earlier. To this affect V&J have been careful to keep it a secret so they can surprise J’s family back at home. We will see how trustworthy the necessarily informed people turn out to be. We have suspicions/paranoia. Anyway the flight is now in two parts with an 18 hour stop over in Miami. This means leaving today.

First we needed to fly to Bogota, so took a taxi to the ‘bus station’ which turned out to be a load of buses in the middle of downtown. The bus to the airport took a good hour with a very kind driver who picked up school kids and dropped them at school for free on route. Everything ran smoothly with Avianca (unlike it did with their competitor Aries). There was just enough time to get lunch and buy two rubber random rubber ducks (we had leftover peso) at Bogota airport before taking the 3.5 hour flight to Miami.

The flight was painless. Watched two films, ‘Shrek Forever After’ and ‘Iron Man 2’ both pretty disappointing. There was then our cavity search at Miami Airport. Somehow V&J managed to pick all the wrong queues and were the last people to get out of the airport. V was asked by the security guy, ‘what took you so long’. V kept the ginger hulk at bay but really wanted to rip his head of spit down his neck and shout ‘YOU’ at his corpse. Instead it was a girlie giggle and a sensibly polite answer. Boy how she’s changed.

A free airport shuttle took us to our pre-booked hotel. It had received some poor reviews on tripadvisor but V&J easily rated it within their top three and took pictures of their GIANT bed, that could only be meant for obese Americans.

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