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Bad Ears

V, after having problems with her ears yesterday found that she still had blocked ears this morning. So down at the dive school we broke the news that we would hold off a day, not wanting to risk getting all the way out there and V not being able to dive again. So first off we got drops for V’s ears that would supposedly help clear it and had a relaxing breakfast. Our plan was to go to Tayrona National park but when we voiced this idea to the guys at the dive centre they shot it down and told us not to bother. Another day of relaxing it is then.

We chilled out in our hammocks and got munched alive by the armies of mosquitoes. Took a small break from blood donating to have some lunch before returning to feed more greedy bugs. V&J read up on the two adventure dives that they had planned for tomorrow so they were in the know and gave more blood.

Dinner was the epic Filet Mignon once again. V&J are both in love with the Dutch guy that knows how to cook a fat piece of steak rare. This was all good but V was having problems eating it, uh oh. You know somethings wrong when V doesn’t finish steak. Retiring early she built up a temperature as well. This was all sounding way too familiar to J who was starting to think that he didn’t have mild dehydration but some kind of bug.

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