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Boozy Bogota

Finally we showered! It had been a few days. We sacked off our original booked hostel (demanding a refund because they clearly don’t exist (again)) and booked ourselves in for another night. We stepped out to a cafe for a quick croissant/cookie breakfast and off to the Museo Botero. This specialises in all things chubby, including statues and paintings of chunky hands, fat fruit and obese horses, no Shaz; Baz wasn’t there. We took a quick peek into the monetary museum, which is clearly aimed at trainwatchers/stamp collectors/people called Keith.

We delved into the fridge and attacked our leftovers from dinner last night. There was a mystery pizza slice/canneloni eater about…only 2 slices of pizza and half the pasta was left in the fridge. Sealed. My forensic training tells me it was the hungry looking waiter.

Slightly disheartened and still peckish we trotted off to the cable car. At the top there was a cool church over looking a dusty orange Bogota and the rolling green hills beyond. And what. This is not an extreme sport.

Off we plodded to book a flight to Caracas to avoid the long and dangerous bus journey across the apparently closed border. The best price we were given was $292pp, which is not £10 so we went for several beers to discuss the matter.

Eventually it was time to move on and get some dinner, so J picked the ropiest restaurant in town and chose a delightful meal of dog meat, spongy chicken, undercooked potato and balls of miscellaneousness. Too many beers in a bar. Dodgy arepa burger from late night burger stand. V passed out. J went on internet. End.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Friday-6, 2010

    ONLY 19 DAYS, 17 HOURS and 10mins before i dont have to both reading this cr*p!

    seee ya

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-7, 2010

      thanks Ian. Get on the season so I HAVE to put up with your cr*p for 5 months!

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