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Bus To Cartagena

J had booked a tourist bus that took them from their hostel door to the hostel door in Cartagena. This still proved too much for S (V has been re-branded as El Sleepo) who felt sick due to the winding roads and the arctic/sahara-setting air con. We had the choice of blistering hot or frostbite cold. S could handle being vertical no longer and collapsed into the hostel bed demanding J fetched drugs, water and some food.

On J’s return he found S looking up the symptoms of Dengue Fever….. think V&J both now know who is the most pathetic ill person in their relationship. But we also know who is a miserable bastard when ill. At least V could manage a smile. Dick.

El Sleepo didn’t then surface until dinner time when J kicked her out of bed and made her come and eat something. Two slices of pizza and V turned back into S and went horizontal again.

Thankfully Tom was still around so J went out for beers with him and some of his friends from home. It came up in discussion how gross Bolivian indigenous women are. Not sure we wrote about it at the time so here it is. The women shit and piss in the street and when they are done they use their bottom layer of their giant dress to wipe what ever needs seeing to! And when they have their period…… need we say anymore. That is why when you go to Bolivia and get close to an indigenous lady they will smell like a public toilet. This was probably more interesting and less disgusting when discussed over several beers. Thank you and good night.

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