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Coffee & Colca In Salento
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After a beautifully cheap breakfast at Lucy’s we climbed aboard a jeep to take us to Valle de Cocora. Our 6 seater jeep soon had 14 people crammed aboard and J found himself riding on the roof directly above the driver. Crazy good view from up there, just had to be careful of the odd low lying branch.

Once at Cocora we turned down the idea of going on horse back in favour of walking the route instead. V was totally against moving but tried her hardest to make it as far as possible. It was only a 2 hour walk after all. Well it should have been but V&J were pretty sure they had gone the wrong way somewhere. So after an hour they turned around and plodded back again. The view was still very pretty with the giant wax palm trees, the tallest in the world and Colombia’s national symbol. However, V was only cheered up by ‘fluffy’ cows and calf’s. Yes V took a photo of the cows bum hole. The return jeep journey was not as crowded and only demanded J to stand on a step above the back towbar, whilst a Colombian baby grabbed onto V’s finger and clutched it tightly for the entire journey.

After lunch we were just in time to catch a tour of a coffee plantation in English. The tour was given by Tim or Don Eduardo as the locals liked to call him. He’s originally from England, grew up in Oz and now married with children in rural Colombia. He had acquired the 12 hecter coffee plantation almost 3 years ago for £25000. He explained all about the different types of coffee that is grown, the conditions they require to grow and how he turned the fruit into a coffee bean. It was really interesting and he explained everything really well with a ton of enthusiasm. In fact he was so enthusiastic it was hard to get away from him at the end. The whole plantation was situated on the side of a mountain looking down the valley, it was picture perfect and just what you would imagine rural Colombia to look like. Before we headed back up to our hostel for dinner we took a look at his small pineapple patch. V&J had never seen how a pineapple grew before, it is not how you would imagine it to be. Check out the photos.

We went to dinner with Freddy and Ed two guys from Newcastle University then said bye to them immediately afterwards as they boarded a bus to Bogota. That’s how good a company V&J make. Friendless V&J put themselves to bed with sun burnt necks. Stupid weather, we were meant to be in a cloud forest so didn’t bother with the sun cream, doh.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Tuesday-24, 2010

    So you are fully quilified PADI’s (irish scum). You will have to show me your skills in the pool again some time!

    Nice arse shot V, i wouldnt expect anyless from you! haha.

    My work is shipping me out to Japan for two months at the end of September how cool is that! Will be staying in Yokohama! Can not wait.

    Also when will you be back? There is a trip to Hemel Snowdome on Friday 3rd September if your back in time!

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