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Free Concert

So you wake up feeling like shit and some Colombian idiot has decided to arrange a concert in the square that our balcony overlooks. He might as well have come into our room and put needles in our ears. We gave up on a lie in and grumpily got up for some frosties. This was not enough to soothe the hangover munchie beast so we grabbed some burgers from next door. J took one bite and decided it was all too much too soon, wrapped it up again and put it in his pocket for later. We checked out of our room and booked a bus for Santa Marta for this evening. We spent the rest of the day hanging around the hostel watching films, catching up with the blog and booking flights. V did the only thing she can do with a hangover and made more lasagne.

We got a taxi at the last minute to the bus terminal and caught our overnight 12hr bus to Santa Marta. Hopefully it will be the last one we EVER take. J spent the entire time curled up in a ball on V’s lap. We didn’t sleep a wink.

  1. Nads (Reply) on Monday-16, 2010

    what kind of concert was it?!

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-16, 2010

      unidentifiable i’m afraid.

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