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Into Salento

V&J wanted to waste no time in Cali and get straight into the Coffee region so booked a taxi for first thing. At the bus station they were shown to their bus that was ready to depart. The man asked for 400 peso, J decided this was too much for showing them where the bus was and gave him 200 and told him that that was enough and got on the bus with V. The slightly confused man followed them on board and politely asked for them to pay the 40,000 peso for the bus ticket once again. Ah.

The bus was roasting and we had the only two seats without a window that opened. This became less of an issue as they climbed in altitude and the climate became cooler. Found our hostel that had a very well spoken floppy haired English guy ‘just chilling’ in a hammock. Talking to him revealed that his friend was ill with exactly the same symptoms that J complained of and V was still complaining about (but she doesn’t like to talk about it). That silenced the argument about Dengue Fever once and for all. He recommended a restaurant in the village and with that V&J set out to find this ‘amazing’ place. It was shut, so we ate a seriously ropey meal somewhere nearby, resulting in V rushing to the toilet and insistent that we leave immediately. Her empty stomach was not prepared for that delightful feast.

The weather was now drawing in and the small village was shrowded in mist and rain so V&J retreated back to their room, much to V’s delight who transformed herself back into, drum roll please, El Sleepo.

Made it to the ‘amazing’ restaurant for dinner. If by amazing they meant edible then yes it was amazing. V&J then slipped into a bar to play some cards amongst the crazy looking locals. J was furious when he lost to a super jammy V that he ran around pulling his hair out and then sulked. V who was feeling much better now laughed in his face to comfort him.

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