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PADI Advanced Course 2/2

Final two dives left to do, a Deep Dive and a Drift Dive. The Deep Dive was the other compulsory adventure dive in the course. However, unlike the Underwater Navigation, J was actually looking forward to this one. They would go down to 30 meters. At this depth most people start to experience Nitrogen Narcosis. In a nut shell you brain works slower and you start to have disregard for your safety. So at 90 feet/30 meters our instructor asked us to do a maths multiplication. After a minute the instructor gave up on J who was laughing at his inability to do 7×7. Stephan then pulled out a fruit and asked them to write down what they thought it was. Tam guessed mango, while J knew that the fruit had to be red although it was actually appearing yellow at 30 meters, so he logically guessed P
plum?!? There was then some more laughing because it was obviously not a plum, you plum. At this depth you really chew through your oxygen so we started to ascend already. On the surface J still couldn’t do the maths sum and the fruit was in fact a tomato.

Next dive was the drift dive V&J had already done this in the open water and it was amazing so J was really looking forward to it especially now that he had his new found buoyancy mind power control. However we got in the water and it turned out the current was taking us in the wrong direction. So we instead spent 20 minutes swimming against the mother. This was not J’s idea of fun. On the plus side the diversity of interesting wild life was at an all time high. Think we saw just about everything that we had seen before on this one dive.

Back on shore J started to run around like a mad man. V&J’s plan was to leave for Cartagena today but there was still a lot to be done. J, in the 4 bajilion degree heat, tried to arrange hostels, transport and dive licences. V then turned around and confessed that she couldn’t manage to move today. This would cut our time short in Cartagena but made it a damn sight easier. J put V back to bed, booked a bus for tomorrow and went and passed his Advanced Diver Course. After all these shenanigans J walked back into the hostel to find Tom, the guy he did all his Spanish lessons with in Buenos Aires. This meant J had someone else to talk to apart from El Sleepo.

V managed to surface for dinner and eat 4 mouthfuls of food. A hungry Tom was ecstatic about this and heroically stepped forward to polish of his second main course of the evening.

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