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PADI Open Water Dive Course 2/3

Day 2 at the dive centre was a similar affair. Down there at 8 to be suited and booted before skimming our way across the water to our first dive site. The water was ten times clearer today and descending down to the bottom was much more comfortable. It was almost a completely different experience. We could see for roughly 12 metres, so straying from our instructor to follow a fish or check out the other side of some corral became safe. We were relaxed and free to explore. In fact we were free from doing exercises as well? V&J was starting to wonder what the course actually entailed.

During our usual scheduled break our crazy boat driver, who must have ADHD, spent the entire time sneaking up behind people and tying miscellaneous objects to the back of thier wetsuits. It was quite a sight to watch banana skins, sticks, rocks and the like being dragged around the beach by the unsuspecting victim.

Dive 4 now at hand our instructor explained we would swim around until the end of the dive, then practice an emergency ascent (or as J originally wrote pre-V spellcheck; emergency accent, “CRIKEY”). This is where you swim upwards blowing bubbles to ensure you don’t rupture your lungs. During the dive we saw sea snakes and a ton of tiger fish. These stripy highly poisonous fellas escaped from US labs when a storm hit. They are now abundant in Colombian waters eating all the other fish. On the up side (if you manage to avoid touching them) they are really beautiful to look at. J is 90% certain that the fish is the same as the one in “Juice Bigalo Male Gigolo”. The exact same one. What also made this dive amazing was the current, its what we in the dive community like to call a ‘drift dive’ so we didn’t even have to swim, just float along admiring things. The end of the dive came and we all surfaced normally. J: Hey what happened to practising the emergency ascent? Instructor: Yeh, I don’t like that exercise. V: Thank God for that.

After lunch we returned to Octopus dive centre to spend the entire afternoon going over theory and taking tests. J beat a hugely unimpressed V, just like in the golf (who’s writing this?). After these depressing hours of pen pushing (V&J definitely nowhere near ready to hold down a 9 to 5) we went for dinner and tried to push out thoughts of self harming. So technically we are now qualified divers, Jokes!

V would probably have wondered the same if she had managed to make this dive. On the way down she got, what we in the dive community like to call, a “squeeze”. Which is basically where you can’t equalise, tried for a while to clear it but nothing seemed to work. See Ya!

J managed to spot a tiny funky fish on this dive, about as big as a thumb nail. It was so small and round that you couldn’t even see how it was managing to move. It was black with yellow spots and zipped around as if by magic. J immediately decided that this was to be his favourite fish. It turned out it was the baby version of another fish we keep seeing. The adult version is similar in colour, triangular in shape and rock solid.

After completing our last dive neither V nor J was ready to finish. They wanted to explore more of this underwater playground. It was getting better and better, probably as their skill level was getting higher. J decided it was like being on the moon you have your space suit, and less gravity but with a wealth of ‘Prototype’ fish to examine. Prototype because they all seemed to have pimped themselves in crazy ways. They weren’t the standard design. Yes bird lovers AND fish lovers now. We are officially the most boring couple in the world. Although The Holy Quail are bringing up the rear quite nicely.

So we decided to go and do the advanced course as well. This involved picking five ‘Adventure Dives’ out of a possible 12(ish). So 8 am tomorrow again.

  1. lucy (Reply) on Monday-23, 2010

    Don’t worry guys you’ve got a few more years to get just as boring ;-) xxx

  2. lucy (Reply) on Monday-23, 2010

    Doh- I didn’t quite read that right…you already are the most boring couple! Great- glad I am able to make witty, relevant remarks on queue!

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